2022: Ten Years of Triathlon

As we enter into 2023, I had a realization the other day that 2022 marked 10 years of triathlon. My journey of triathlon started with a bet and a Groupon voucher for a race in Silverstone, Colorado. I showed up, had no clue what to do or even what to expect. My father proudly stood... Continue Reading →

My Mother the Pom Pom Queen

I raced my first half Ironman in May 2013 in Haines City, Florida. It was a chance for my mother, stepdad and my bestie to come and see me race. I had just moved to the UK and wanted a warm venue for my first venture into middle distance. The weather did not disappoint. As... Continue Reading →

A Week in the Life of a Triathlete

It's been a good, but long week for me, a major public worldwide event at work. While it was amazing, I'm exhausted. I didn't have to travel anywhere, but I had to work late hours. Which I really don't mind, the build up of fatigue is something we often forget about. I wanted to share... Continue Reading →

Pee If You Want to go Deeper

While I'm usually blogging about triathlon, today I want to discuss one of my other hobbies, scuba diving. Diving in the UK usually requires diving in a dry suit (not always, but trust me, it's a LOT more comfortable). One of the biggest concerns that many have is about how to deal with the bladder... Continue Reading →

The Triathlon Widow

Is your partner/spouse a triathlete?  Maybe an Ironman? Then you might be familiar with this term.  The triathlon widow is defined as: ‘Any person who was once human, but has now transformed into something super-human, and can no longer hang out with other mere mortals. They must spend all their spare time swimming, biking, running, and shaving... Continue Reading →

Triathlon in a post-Covid world

Well, it’s been an interesting few months hasn’t it?  Lockdown, no travel, and life altering events across the world.  While it’s been a hard time for many, there have been a lot of positives to come out of Covid. In the UK we were fortunate during lockdown in that we could get outside for exercise... Continue Reading →

Training Like a Female

Last July (2019) my coach, James Winter, recommended I check out this book, ROAR by Stacy Sims. He started to look at my training and think more about tailoring my training to my needs as a female. This is a very new field of research. Women have always been trained like a man or modified... Continue Reading →

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