How I Tri’d

It all began with watching my friend Dan Delph race in Louisville, Kentucky.  Dan was an extremely strong cyclist and runner.  He started the race in the men’s group near the front of the pack.  The women’s and older age groups started after.  I watched the swimmer’s in the Ohio River, swim upstream then downstream. ... Continue Reading →

Cyclo-cross: Mud, Bikes and Beer

When you’ve been training all season and have completed your big ‘A race,’ you feel a bit listless.  You don’t want to lose your fitness, but going back to training full time is also unappealing. I personally need something post season to look forward to that isn’t 3+ km swims in the pool, 6+ hours... Continue Reading →

Taking the purposeful DNF

I took my first triathlon DNF this season.  Pretty much on purpose, but still, my first DNF.  I went into my last race knowing that I was doing it for ‘fun’ and that there was no pressure.  Which is probably the best way to go into any race.  Many people going into a race just... Continue Reading →

Ironman Austria – Race Round-up

It’s been a while since I had completed an Ironman, August 2016 at Iroman Copenhagen to be exact.  2016 was the year of my big accident and I wanted to get back into training.  4 surgeries later and deferring Challenge Roth in 2017 and I had accepted that my body needed more time to heal.... Continue Reading →

Charity Ride For Bowel Cancer UK

Earlier this year I decided to join in on a charity ride with my company to benefit Bowel Cancer UK. Cancer has affected too many around us, and I personally have experienced too many loved ones fight the battle. There will be 12 of us starting from our Microsoft UK Paddington office and cycling all... Continue Reading →

Tri-ing the duathlon

I branched out this year and made an appearance at several duathlons. I really didn’t want to do it, but in speaking to my coach it was the right thing to do for my training. There’s a local venue next door, so I should take advantage of that and get my body tuned up for... Continue Reading →

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